The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute  is a public education center in Moscow specializing in the teaching of Russian as a foreign language and offering a range of language courses on all levels. It is named after the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin.

According to the Pushkin Institute website, the levels of Russian language teaching are as follows:



You will learn:

  • how read and write in Russian
  • how to pronounce Russian sounds, words and phrases
  • how to construct and understand basic texts in Russian
  • how to behave in typical everyday situations


You will be able to:

  • use basic phrases and word combinations to describe yourself and your family
  • maintain basic conversations
  • elevate listening comprehension to understand basic lifestyle information
  • get basic information in a conversation by using simple questions

I certified

You will be able to:

  • convey messages if asked about a favorite book or film
  • share your opinion on a hot topic
  • comprehend what Russians speak about at work or in school
  • be capable of keeping up with conversations if in a Russian speaking environment

II certified

You will be able to:

  • comprehend professional content
  • speak quickly and spontaneously with a native speaker
  • display confidence in sharing your point of view
  • comment and convey clear messages regarding interesting topics

III certified

You will be able to:

  • comprehend Russian classical literature
  • speak quickly and spontaneously with a wide array of scientific and professional vocabulary
  • communicate freely about professional topics with Russian colleagues
  • create coherent and logical reports on scientific topics

IV certified

You will be able to:

  • reach peak reading and listening comprehension
  • write research papers
  • emphasize shades of meaning in complicated linguistic situations
  • teaching

Interested students who have conditional offer or who are aiming to study in Russia could take a certification test (RaFLT) or Russian state certification levels system (TORFL) and also as a common pre-requisite in Russian higher education method could take (PODFAK).


What if PODFAK?

Podfak (Preparatory Faculty) stands for abbreviation of Russian word “подготовительный факультет” which means “preparatory faculty”

The Podfak course is a student preparation course that teaches Russian to students who are applying to study in Russia.

Russian universities usually hold this course according to their own criteria, but in general it can be said that the Russian Podfak course includes teaching biology and chemistry courses, and in some universities, along with it, mathematics and physics in Russian.

The Russian Podfak course is like a pre-university course that prepares candidates to enter the university.

Podfak as a pre requisite:

Passing the Podfak course is compulsory when the language of instruction is purely Russian. It is not compulsory to study in English.

Podfak course period:

The duration of Padfak is about 8 months.