Holding the fourth meeting of the Russian National Working Group with the participation of representatives of member centers

Due to the responsibility of the National Working Group on International Scientific Cooperation with Russia appointed to Shahid Beheshti University, the second meeting of the working group was attended by Dr. Gholami, Scientific Advisor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow, Dr. Abtahi, Director of the National Institute of Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences, Parsizadeh International Officer of the Fund for Supporting Researchers and Representatives of Comprehensive Universities of Applied Sciences, Payame Noor, Sharif Industrial, Khajeh Nasir, Amir Kabir, Alam va Sanat, Ferdowsi Mashhad, Kharazmi, Tarbiat Modares, Isfahan Industrial, Yazd, Gilan, Zanjan, Shahrekord, Arak, Sistan and Baluchestan, Shahroud Industrial, Urmia Industrial, Noshirvani Industrial Babol, Golpayegan Technical and Engineering, Meybod, Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences, Iran Space Research Institute, Higher Education Research and Planning Institute and Fund for Supporting Researchers and Technologists at 10:00 AM It was held on Monday, 23April 2018, in the Sheikh Baha’i Conference Hall of the International Conference Center of Shahid Beheshti University.

The meeting began with a welcome speech by Dr. Shokri, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology at Shahid Beheshti University, then Dr. Shirani, Director of the International Scientific Cooperation Directorate while referring to the results of the first meeting of the Russian Working Group, which was held in September of last year, presented a report on the activities carried out in this field. Furthermore, Dr. Gholami introduced the potentials of cooperation with Russian universities and Dr. Abtahi, as a former scientific advisor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, pointed out some explanations on how to cooperate with Russia.

At the end of the meeting and after the question session by the participating members in the meeting, Parsizadeh, the international head of the Researchers’ Support Fund, explained the criteria for benefiting from the funds and financial supports and how to select the projects. Also, Dr. Naimi, a faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University, provided explanations about the cooperation between the Shahid Abbaspour Campus Turbine Research Center and the Russian counterpart and the Turbo Expander project.